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5. Why was the cat shivering?
It was winter season. It was intense cold outside. The cat was shivering with cold. She began to rub herself with the legs of the young man who stroked her gently. The poor creature wanted to keep herself warm.

6. Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident?
The driver of the truck heard a shriek. He slowed down his truck for a moment. But, he realized that something serious had happened. He took advantage of the darkness and sped away into the night. He wanted to escape arrest by the police for murder.

7. Who took the young man to the hospital?
The young man met a serious accident. He was lying in a pool of blood. He was badly hurt. His life was in danger. Some passers-by showed great spirit of humanism and sympathy. They stopped a car and he was loaded into it and taken to a nearby hospital.

8. What kind of music was played in one of the restaurants?
An orchestra was playing in one of the restaurants. It was very charming and melodious. Many people were intently listening to it. Though the music was in foreign language, yet the people were much impressed with it.

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