Reasons & Impacts of US Withdrawal from Climate Change Paris Agreement

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Elaborate Reasons & Impacts of Trump’s Withdrawal from Climate Change Paris Agreement.

While the world community is endeavoring to contain the impacts of rapid climate change, the United States under the Presidency of Trump has retreated from this mission for selfish reasons. Paris Climate Change Agreement was framed in 2015 but Trump brought US a leave from it on the account of protecting the country’s business from some extra restrictions. The US withdrawal will not only affect the agreement politically but also economically.

What is Paris Climate Change Agreement?
Framed and agreed by 195 countries of the world in 2015, Paris Climate Change Pact is the latest addition in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The agreement aims to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels, predominantly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
In April 2016, the United States became a signatory to the Paris Agreement, and accepted it by executive order in September 2016. President Obama committed the United States to contributing US$3 billion to the Green Climate Fund. The Fund has set itself a goal of raising $100 billion a year by 2020.

Reasons of US Withdrawal:
President Trump brought US out of the Pact on the following accounts:

America First Policy
Trump assumed US Presidency with the slogan of ‘America First’. The slogan is a bit selfish in the contemporary setup of globalized politics. America First gives the notion that the interests and profits of the US will be preferred over all other global engagements and necessities. According to Trump, Paris Pact is not in good terms with the America First Policy. This gave him a major ideological reason to take US out of the Agreement.

Undermining the US Economy
President Trump believes that the obligations under the Paris Agreement will undermine the US Economy. As a former businessman, Trump prefers to protect and strengthen business over conserving the environment. Thus, he withdrew from the Paris Pact.

US at Permanent Disadvantage
Trump believes that the climate agreements like Paris Pact will keep US businesses and workers at permanent disadvantage. He has reasons to believe that such agreements can negatively impact the US economic growth and production. This gave him enough reason to withdraw from the agreement.

Has US Completely Withdrawn?
Not yet. US has announced withdrawal but it will abide by the four-years withdrawal provision of the Paris Agreement. US will follow the process of complete withdrawal by mid-2020.

Impacts of US Withdrawal
US withdrawal from Paris Agreement can be taken in terms of following impacts:

  • It will trigger more withdrawal by different countries
  • It can lead China to withdraw from the agreement that will further weaken the cause
  • It will affect the climate change cause in terms of economic contributions in Climate Fund
  • World nations overall will feel discouraged from actively contributing to the cause of the Pact

Paris Climate Agreement is surely for a humane cause. The US withdrawal from it for selfish reasons will affect not only the agreement itself but also the mission of conserving the global environment.

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