Population Growth in Pakistan

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Population Growth in Pakistan can erupt like an atomic bomb. Comment!

Population can be an asset as well as a liability on the state depending on the latter’s policy towards it. Today, the developing countries like Pakistan with huge population but little opportunities find themselves in a dilemma. Unemployment, weak economic growth, little opportunities for the youth and ignorance are the challenges which can ignite population growth of Pakistan to erupt like an atomic bomb.

Population refers to the people living in a particular piece of territory. In modern concept of state, population is regarded as one of the essential elements of statehood. Population varies in numbers from country to country. The world has one of the largest populations living in the states of China and India. On the other hand, we can see the smallest populations living in countries like Vatican City.

Is More Population a bad Thing?
Population is necessity of the state. But, there are no available limits to its numbers. Having a large population isn’t a bad thing unless the people are rightly directed and used by the state in collective welfare. Population’s strength is itself a neutral idea. For instance, China has a huge population but it offers people jobs and work. This reality has made huge population its strength. On the other hand, India and Pakistan have huge populations respectively but they take it as liability owing to the fact that they have little jobs and opportunities for work to offer its people.

Pakistan’s Population can erupt like Atomic Bomb. Why?
The reasons can be derived from the facts discussed above. In Pakistan huge population can erupt like an atomic bomb because:

  • Most of the individuals in country are ignorant due to lack of education and common sense. An ignorant population is a liability rather than an asset. State has spent less money on generating incentives to keep all children attending the schools.
  • Pakistan spends little on human development. The country has wasted huge sums of money on wars, infrastructures, corruption and political projects. This in return has left people unattended to their due needs thus making them desperate and useless.
  • Joblessness is another reason which has made Pakistan’s population like an erupting atomic bomb. Jobless people get engaged in criminal activities. This along with surging the crime rate also deteriorates the quality of population.
  • Government has failed to produce the desired business and work opportunities. It has failed to establish more industries which can offer more jobs for individuals. This in return makes population growth a curse for the country.

Population growth of Pakistan can be turned into an asset by adopting the Chinese model. Following steps need to be taken in this regard:

  • Educate every child and make sure that he doesn’t skip at least the basic schooling to the level of intermediate
  • Increase enrollment in technical and vocational institutions for students who show little interest in higher studies
  • Establish more state-owned or semi-public industries that can offer jobs to the educated youth
  • Make agreements with foreign friends that can allow laborers and workers from Pakistan to seek work opportunities oversees

Population growth is not a bad thing unless made with inefficient and out of date policies of the government. In Pakistan, population is erupting like an atomic bomb because individuals lack education, jobs and opportunities.

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