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36. If a public office holder misuses his/her authority in committing an offence under NAB Ordinance 1999, he/she may be sentenced to an imprisonment for a term which may extend to _____ years.
(A) 5
(B) 7
(C) 10
(D) 14

37. Who is indemnified from any suit or prosecution for performing any function under NAB Ordinance which is in good faith and according to the law?
(A) Federal and Provincial Governments
(B) Chairman and Deputy Chairman NAB
(C) All members of NAB
(D) All of the above

38. The NAB Ordinance 1999 repealed the Ehtesab Act 1997. What happened with the proceedings before the courts under the Ehtesab Act?
(A) All cases were closed
(B) All cases were started fresh
(C) Cases were transferred to NAB Courts in the provinces
(D) Cases were transferred to High Courts in the provinces

39. If a person or employee renders commendable services in detection, investigation and prosecution of an offence under NAB laws, he/she may be awarded with
(A) cash payments
(B) job in the NAB
(C) certificate of performance
(D) nishan-e-imtiaz

40. Who is empowered to form committees to spread awareness regarding corruption and to oversee different laws in this regard?
(A) Federal Law Minister
(B) Chairman NAB
(C) Deputy Chairman NAB
(D) PM’s special assistant to Law & Justice

36. (D) 14
37. (D) All of the above
38. (C) Cases were transferred to NAB Courts in the provinces
39. (A) cash payments
40. (B) Chairman NAB