Construction of Dams in Pakistan

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Critically analyze the key causes behind delay in construction of Dams. Give the suggestions to revert this loss.

Dams are the guarantor of efficient use of water as a natural resource of the country. In Pakistan, governments have neglected this reality. Despite knowing that the country can face water and energy crisis in future, they did not bother to spend more on constructing new dams. Corruption, negligence and lack of technical interest in nation’s future are reasons behind delay in the construction of Dams.

Dams and their Need in Pakistan
For decades, Pakistan has exploited two major Dams for its energy and water needs. These are the Mangla and Terbela Dams. Now, with booming population come a high demand of energy and more water. But, lack of timely construction of Dams has put Pakistan into energy and water crisis. The delay in addressing this problem has left the country into several problems related to its economy as well.

Causes behind Delay in Dams Construction
Following are the chief causes behind the delay in construction of Dams:

Negligence on the Part of Government
Governments in Pakistan are most of the time result of political emotions. They take charge of the country and govern it according to their political benefits. The real and long term benefits and welfare policies are sidelined. The thing kept in focus is the projects which give immediate political benefit. Construction of Dams doesn’t fall in such projects which give immediate political benefit. Thus, the required construction of Dams has been kept delayed due to sheer negligence on the part of the government.

Corruption and Red Tape-ism
Elements of corruption and red tape-ism in the matters of planning and implementing huge projects like construction of Dams are another reason behind the said delay. Corrupt mafia of this country especially the one having active role in governmental affairs prevent long-term projects which promise more public good and offer little personal benefits.

Absence of Long Term Plans
Absence of long term plans regarding energy needs of future and water crisis has also delayed the timely construction of Dams.

Political Instability
Years of political instability in Pakistan has kept the governments to focus on empowering themselves rather than working on projects that actually mean for the future of this country. In the wake of political instability, construction of Dams has never been priority of the governments.

How to Revert the Loss?
The loss caused by delay in construction of Dams cannot be reverted completely. This is because in matters of state and public welfare, time is always important. The loss incurred by Pakistan’s economy and its future remain impossible to compensate for.
However, there are still steps we can take to allow further loss from happening due to delay in the construction of Dams:

  • Government should declare emergency for building required Dams and establish separate departments in this regard if need be.
  • There is need to work immediately on the construction of Diamar Basha Dam and Mohmand Dam for which a public fund has already been created.
  • There is need to study and plan the future need of water reservoirs for the efficient agriculture of country.

Dams are need of every country to meet its energy needs and to efficiently use water resources. Unfortunately, Pakistan has showed negligence in the matter of timely construction of Dams. Still there is time to amend for the loss incurred due to the problem explained.

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