Characters: A Visit to a Small Planet Play

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Q. Write a short note on:

1. Mr. Spelding
He is a newscaster and journalist by profession. He tells his people on TV not to be afraid of the flying object. He is a nervous fellow. He does not like Jhon who is fiance to his daughter. He becomes afraid to see Kreton. He co-operates with General Power. He wants to be the first journalist to interview Kreton.

2. Mrs. Spelding
She is a very polite and kind lady. She is worried about the safety of her house. She likes Kreton and welcomes him in her house. She is not interested in the live broadcasts of her husband.

3. Ellen
She is a very lively and passionate girl. She loves Jhon very much. She is not interested in the live broadcasts of her father. She argues with her father not to scold Jhon. She likes Kreton and wishes to travel in his space ship. She is quite frank with Kreton.

4. John
He is a very hard-working fellow. He grows English walnuts. He is fiance of Ellen. He is a bold fellow. He does not become afraid when the space ship lands at their house. He shakes hands with Kreton and makes friends with him.

5. General powers
The role of General Power in the play is very important. He is responsible for the security of USA. He is a very dutiful and strict fellow. He is very active and alert. He questions Kreton and tries to know his reality. He threatens to arrest him if he does not co-operate. He puts the house of Mr.Spelding under martial law.

6. Kreton
He is very polite and kind to everybody. He behaves very nicely and elegantly. Even when General Power behaves harshly with him, he does not mind and misbehave in response. He does not try to scare others. He does not punish those who try to damage his space ship. He is quite frank and soft with them all. Kreton belongs to some highly advanced world. He has certain extraordinary powers. For example, he can travel in a spaceship without instruments. He is a mind reader. He can speak all languages of the world. He does not die. He can defend himself against any attack.

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