Financial Mathematics Notes

Financial Mathematics topic-wise notes. An easy and straight forward approach to study Financial Mathematics.

The most common investment is the investment of money at interest.

Simple Interest
The total amount after the accumulation of interest.

Compound Interest
Compound interest formula because simple interest formula is not practicable in real life.

Varying Interest Rate
Compound interest formula for varying interest rate.

Interest for different Compounding Periods
The formula for Interest for different Compounding Periods and calculations.

Continuous Interest
The basis for continuous interest, a practical example.

Accumulation Factor
Accumulation factor and different form of the formula.

Accumulation Factor Ratio
Principle of Consistency
Force of Interest
Theorem: Accumulation Factor and Force of Interest
Effective Interest Rate and Force of Interest
Rate of Interest Convertible Fractionally
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Annuities Payable at Intervals

Financial Mathematics Lecture Notes
Financial Mathematics notes for Actuarial Science or Actuarial Mathematics CT1 paper. View online (or download in PDF) the step by step lecture notes for Financial Mathematics CT1 paper of the Institute of Actuaries.