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1. Discuss the political views of Jorkens.
Jorkens was in favour of determination to get success in the world. He explained his case with solid arguments. He told his friends a story of a young athelete who achieved his ambition through determination. The story showed that the young man used politics to pave the way for getting his ambition. Jorkens explained that one should try to have enough power to get one’s ambition achieved. His views were so convincing that nobody from his friends could reject them.

2. How did Gorgios achieve his ambition?
Gorgios achieved his ambition through hard work and determination. He did not use any short cut to get his ambition. It took him more than sixty years to do it. He struggled very hard and stuck to his ambition. He did not lose heart. He was not discouraged by the disappointing words of the people. At last, he succeeded in becoming court acrobat.

3. Do you agree or disagree with the viewpoint of the writer? Give five reasons.
We agree with the viewpoint of the writer on the following grounds:

  1. A determined person can get anything.
  2. There is no short cut in life to get success.
  3. An idle person can achieve nothing.
  4. Hard work is the key to success.
  5. Strong will-power can lead us anywhere because as there is a will, there is a way.

4. Why were the brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration?
Gorgios looked so charming and attractive in his new dress that the brilliant dresses of all were put in the shade at the inauguration. His dress was bright and impressive. It was made of red velvet. It had shining buttons and lines of golden lace. It was matchless in beauty and colour. Even the costly and colourful dresses of the ladies looked dull.

5. What is the lesson that the story teaches?
The story teaches the moral lesson that a person who remains determined and keeps on his struggle wins his ambition. Life is full of ups and downs. We should not lose heart and become frustrated. We should bear in mind that no pains no gains. Failure is the first step towards success and glory. Nothing is impossible in this world if we remain resolved and steadfast.

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