Play The Oyster and the Pearl

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5. In your opinion does the play reveal the author’s view of life? If so, what is his view of life?
The play reveals the author’s view of life. The play shows that the poor people have to suffer from many hardships of life. They earn their living with great difficulty. They have no facilities of life. They still do not lose heart and carry on their lives happily.

6. Would you call this play on of “The action plays”? Why or why not? How would you describe the play to a friend?
This play cannot be called an action play in true sense. All the action of the play takes place in a shop. Harry is the main character of the play. All the other characters of the play interact with one another at his shop. All the events of the play take place at his shop.

7. Do you think that this would be a good play to produce? Why or why not?
Yes, it would be a good play to produce. The play is very interesting and informative. It shows that poor people suffer from ups and downs of life. They are often satisfied with their poor way of living. The play also shows that we should sacrifice for others to bring them comfort and joys of life.

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