ASF MCQs, ASF Act 1975 Questions with Answers for ASF Test Preparation

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The 2022 FPSC screening tests for Inspector ASF (BS-16) and Assistant Director ASF (BS-17) are commencing from September 2022 NEW

Inspector ASF Test → ASF MCQs, ASF Act 1975 MCQs Questions with Answers for ASF Test Preparation. ASF Test Preparation Material 2022 Jobs: Airports Security Force (ASF) Act 1975 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test with Answers. ASF Test Pattern & Syllabus, Past Papers MCQs, and Sample Questions are given in the ASF Test Preparation Material section.

ASF Act 1975 MCQs

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1. According to ASF Act 1975, the head of the Airports Security Force (ASF) shall be appointed by the
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Army Chief
(C) Director General
(D) Federal Government

2. According to ASF Act 1975, who is head of the Airports Security Force (ASF)?
(A) Force Commander
(B) Director General
(C) Army Chief
(D) Prime Minister

3. The administration of the ASF shall vest in the
(A) Force Commander
(B) Director General
(C) Chairman PIA
(D) Federal Minister of Aviation

4. The Director General ASF shall perform his functions under the general supervision of the
(A) Federal Minister of Aviation
(B) Chairman PIA
(C) Federal Government
(D) Federal Minister of Interior

5. When ASF Act 1975 came into effect, it repealed the
(A) Airports Security Force Ordinance, 1975
(B) Airport Police Act, 1973
(C) Airport Police Act, 1975
(D) None of these

1. (D) Federal Government
2. (B) Director General
3. (B) Director General
4. (C) Federal Government
5. (A) Airports Security Force Ordinance, 1975. Next: ASF Act MCQs 6–10