FPSC Inspector ASF Past Papers Test Pattern, Syllabus, MCQs Questions

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FPSC Inspector ASF Test Date is 23 October 2022 NEW

FPSC Inspector ASF Past Papers Questions

FPSC Test for the post of Inspector ASF (Airports Security Force) in BS-16, Cabinet Secretariat, (Aviation Division). Link to FPSC Inspector ASF Test PDF is given below. ASF Test Preparation Material: Past Papers, Sample Test Questions, Pattern & Syllabus, and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Batch-1: On 23 Oct 2022 at 10:00AM to 11:40AM
Batch-2: On 26 Oct 2022 at 10:00AM to 11:40AM

FPSC Inspector ASF Test

Job: Inspector (BS-16)
Case No.F.4-7/2022-R (1/2022)
Number of Vacancies: 16
Department: Airports Security Force, Cabinet Secretariat, (Aviation Division).
Test Date: 23 October 2022

Qualifications/Experience for the Post
(1) Bachelor’s Degree.

Inspector ASF Test Pattern

The FPSC Inspector ASF Test (BS-16) is divided in 2 sections:
(1) English
Number of Questions: 20
(2) General Intelligence/ Professional Test
Number of Questions: 80

Test Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Total Number of Questions: 100
Total Marks: 100
Time Allowed: 100 minutes

Syllabus: FPSC Inspector ASF Test

Part-I (English) – 20 Questions
Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring

Part-II General Intelligence (Professional Test) – 80 Questions
Basic Arithmetic (20 MCQs)
— Algebra
— Ratios
— Percentages
— Arithmetic Means

Current Affairs (20 MCQs)
— Issues/Challenges at National and International Level during the last 2 years

Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies (20 MCQs)
— Basic Level knowledge

Security Measures to Maintain Law & Order (20 MCQs)

FPSC Inspector ASF Past Papers MCQs & Preparation Material

English Sentences Structures & Grammar Usage
Arithmetic/ Basic Mathematics
Current Affairs
General Knowledge
Islamic Studies
ASF Act, 1975
Security Measures to Maintain Law & Order
FPSC Inspector ASF Past Test Papers NEW

FPSC Inspector ASF Test (PDF)

Download test pattern, syllabus and sample questions for the FPSC Inspector ASF Test in PDF from this page.