The Use of Force Questions

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6. Did the sick girl promptly respond to the instruction of the doctor?
The sick girl did not promptly respond to the instruction of the doctor. She remained unmoved and non-cooperative. She was staring at him angrily. She resisted his treatment aggressively. She fought with him and broke his glasses.

7. Why did the parents rebuke her?
The parents rebuked her for her misbehaviour with the doctor. She was becoming rude and harsh. She broke his glasses. She was fighting with him. She was crying and shouting loudly. Her behaviour was shameful and she created embarrassment for her parents.

8. What was the threat of the doctor to the child if she did not show her throat?
The child was resisting medical treatment strongly. The doctor threatened her that he would have to use force to open her mouth if she did not show her throat. And that she might die of diphtheria. It was necessary to force the child to open her mouth for her safety and protection. Being a child, she was unaware of the danger she was in.

9. Why did she break the wooden blade?
She was resisting medical treatment and did not let the doctor open her mouth. She was quite aggressive and angry. She was crying in pain. The doctor tried to open her mouth with the wooden blade but she broke it into pieces in anger. She wanted to run away from the doctor.

10. What was the condition of the tonsils of the sick girl?
The tonsils of the sick girl were in a very bad condition. They were covered with membrane. These were the real cause of her sickness. She was suffering from diphtheria. She was absorbing considerable amount of poison because of these tonsils. At last, the doctor came to know of her sickness.

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