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Short textual questions and answers.

1. What was the time when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman?
It was about eleven o’clock at night. It was pitched dark outside. She was walking alone. It was a deserted road. Nobody was around at that time. The atmosphere looked horrible and grim at dead of night. It was an ideal time for criminals to strike at a lonely woman.

2. What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?
The boy lost his balance and fell down on his back on the side walk. He wanted to run away quickly but the fate was not kind to him. The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue jeans sitter. Then she reached down and shook him by his shirt front until his teeth rattled.

3. What was the reaction of the woman?
The reaction of the woman was very harsh and quick. She caught the boy instantly. She was angry and punished him severely. It showed her mental and physical alertness. The boy wanted to outsmart her by running away. But, she outclassed him and made a lesson of him.

4. What was the conduct of the people when they saw the incident?
The conduct of the people was different when they saw the incident. They did not intervene to free the boy. At that time two or three people passed, stopped, turned to look, and some stood watching. They seemed indifferent. They feared that they might be implicated by the police in this matter if they got involved in this matter for nothing. So, they preferred to look on and neither sided with the woman nor the boy.

5. How did the boy look physically?
The boy looked as if he were fourteen or fifteen, frail and willow-wild, in tennis shoes and blue jeans. He was in a miserable condition.

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