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6. What was the condition of the boy when the woman gave him a few jerks?
The condition of the boy was very bad when the woman gave him a few jerks. He was afraid and nervous. He struggled to free himself. He thought that he would be taken to jail. He was trembling with fear. He began to apologize to the woman for his misbehaviour.

7. Why did the woman ask the boy to wash his face?
The woman asked the boy to wash his face because his face was dirty. He was in a bad condition. He had not anybody at home to tell him to wash his face. He was unclean, poor and hungry. Also, the woman asked him to comb his hair to look presentable. She was taking care of him like a mother.

8. Why did not the boy run from the house of the woman?
The boy did not run from the house of the woman because he did not want to lose the trust of the woman. He was much impressed with the kind and sympathetic behaviour of the woman. He was beginning to change. He thought it improper and immoral to deceive such a nice and caring lady who was treating him kindly instead of taking him to jail for his crime.

9. Why did not the woman watch the boy while preparing a dish?
The woman did not watch the boy while preparing a dish because she wanted to create the feelings of trust and confidence in him. Also, she did not want to make him feel guilty of his crime. She freed him in her house and showed frankness and friendship with him. Psychologically, the boy was impressed with such kind of trust and freedom. She successfully changed him into a good boy.

10. What was the nature of the woman’s job?
The woman worked in a hotel beauty shop that stayed open late. She was a beautician there. Her shop was visited by all kinds of women including blondes,redheads and Spanish. It showed that she was a famous beautician and ran her business successfully.

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