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Long textual questions and answers.

1. Write the incident in your own words.
A large woman was going home at night. Suddenly, a boy tried to snatch her purse. She caught the boy and punished him. She took him to her home where she treated him kindly and nicely. It had a good and positive effect on him. He left his bad ways and became a good person.

2. What was the effect of the behaviour of the woman on the boy?
The effect of the behaviour of the woman on the boy was very positive and good. She completely changed him through her kind and affectionate behaviour. The boy was much impressed with her nice treatment. She awakened his conscience. She taught him difference between right and wrong. He left his bad ways and promised to behave himself in future.

3. Why did she treat the boy nicely in her home after punishing him in the street?
First, the woman punished the boy to show that any crime is punishable and then she treated him nicely because she wanted to teach him good manners. She wanted to to make him a good human being. Her good and nice behaviour had a very positive effect on the boy. He left his bad ways and determined to show good behaviour in future.

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