Pedagogy MCQs | Multiple Choice Questions

Pedagogy MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) from 41 to 45

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41. The philosopher who for the first time mentioned the importance of play (or sports) in education was
(A) Socrates
(B) Plato
(C) Aristotle
(D) John Locke

42. The process of selecting units from a population to estimate characteristics of the population is called
(A) analyzing
(B) inference
(C) research
(D) sampling

43. We calculate average marks of a student in the way as we calculate
(A) arithmetic mean
(B) geometric mean
(C) standard deviation
(D) variance

44. The __________ is a measure of how spreads out points are from the mean.
(A) arithmetic mean
(B) geometric mean
(C) standard deviation
(D) variance

45. The standard deviation is the __________ of the variance.
(A) square
(B) square root
(C) cube
(D) cube root

41. (C) Aristotle
42. (D) sampling
43. (A) arithmetic mean
44. (C) standard deviation
45. (B) square root

Pedagogy Multiple Choice Questions.