Theory of Education MCQs

Theory of Education MCQs from 66 to 70

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66. According to Robert Sternberg, the three different types of required intelligence for creativity are
(A) synthetic, analytical, and practical
(B) analytical, observational and practical
(C) analytical, critical and practical
(D) abstract, synthetic and analytical

67. A common technique to help people begin the creative process is
(A) calculations
(B) brain storming
(C) thoroughness
(D) mental shortcuts

68. According to Plato, the highest goal in all of education is knowledge of the
(A) science
(B) mathematics
(C) philosophy
(D) good

69. Plato argued that __________ are fit to rule.
(A) educationists and philosophers
(B) only educationists
(C) only philosophers
(D) only psychologists

70. The book “A Brief History of Time” is written by
(A) Aristotle
(B) John Dewey
(C) Robert Sternberg
(D) Stephen Hawking

66. (A) synthetic, analytical, and practical
67. (B) brain storming
68. (D) good
69. (C) only philosophers
70. (D) Stephen Hawking