On Destroying Books

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by J.C. Squire

1. What sort of books were presented by the British public to soldiers?
The British public presented various kinds of books to soldiers. Most of them were quite ordinary and suitable. They also presented magazines which were twenty years old. Some other books included guides to the Lake District and back numbers of Whitaker’s Almanac.

2. Was it interest of soldiers that prompted their action, or was it the wish to get rid of useless books?
The British public presented the books to the soldiers. It was clear that they wanted to get rid of their old books and magazines. They did not gift these books out of interest. In fact, they thought that it was a golden opportunity to discard their useless and old books.

3. Why should bad books be destroyed?
We should destroy bad books to make room for new and latest books. So that we could gain new knowledge and information. It is also not useful to keep bad books with us as decoration. We should rather discard this rubbish as soon as possible.

4. Why is it difficult to destroy books?
It is always difficult to destroy books. They may not have as many lives as a cat but they certainly die hard. It is sometimes difficult to find a scaffold for them. We cannot burn them or throw them easily.

5. Why could not the author burn the unwanted books?
The author could not burn his unwanted books because he had not kitchen range. He lived in a small rented room where this facility was not available. He could not burn them on the gas cooker because there were bundles of books.

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