On Destroying Books Questions

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by J.C. Squire

6. How did he decide to get rid of them?
The writer thought that nobody would buy these useless books. He hit upon a plan to get rid of his unwanted books. He decided to pack them into a sack and throw them into the river. It was the only way for him to part with his useless books.

7. Describe the author’s midnight venture to throw the books in the river and the suspicions which his actions were likely to arouse.
The writer packed his books into a sack and loaded the sack on his shoulder. He came down in the street at midnight. He was full of fears and doubts when he was going to the river. He thought that some policeman might arrest him. He was terrified to see a passer-by. He wandered on the bridge here and there. He was feeling uneasy and nervous. He thought that people might suspect that his sack contained the dead body of a baby.

8. How did he muster up courage at last to fling them into the river?
For a long time, the writer remained confused and hesitant. He could not overcome his fear. He cursed himself. He called himself a coward. At last, he took heart and decided to take the final step. He lifted the sack of books and threw it down into the river.

9. Did he come to have a feeling for those books once he had got rid of them?
The writer felt sad as well as glad for the books. He was glad to part with these useless books. He was also sad to lose these books which provided him company for a long time. He called them poor innocent books. He also called them horrible bad books.

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