NTS Test General Science MCQs

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NTS Test General Science Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

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11. _______ is a cryogenic fluid that can cause rapid freezing on contact with living tissue.
(A) Liquid Nitrogen
(B) Liquid Air
(C) Liquid Hydrogen
(D) None of these

12. The temperature of liquid Nitrogen is:
(A) -32°C
(B) -80°C
(C) -100°C
(D) -196°C

13. What is the chemical name of Slaked lime?
(A) Calcium Hydroxide
(B) Calcium Carbonate
(C) Calcium Dioxide
(D) None of these

14. Rusting of iron is an example of:
(A) Absorption
(B) Adsorption
(C) Oxidation
(D) Reduction

15. Water is the _______ most abundant molecule in the universe.
(A) second
(B) third
(C) fourth
(D) None of these

11. (A) Liquid Nitrogen
12. (D) –196°C
13. (A) Calcium Hydroxide
14. (C) Oxidation
15. (B) Third

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