Inland Revenue Past Papers

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Inland Revenue Past Papers Test MCQs Solved Questions with Answers.

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16. REIT stands for Real Estate _____ Trust.
(A) Industrialized
(B) Incorporation
(C) Investment
(D) Intelligence

17. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) replaced _____ by the enactment of FBR Act 2007.
(A) Central Board of Revenue
(B) Pakistan Board of Revenue
(C) Board of Taxation and Reforms
(D) None of these

18. Which of the following are the responsibilities of FBR chairman?
I. Formulation and administration of fiscal policies
II. Levy and collection of federal taxes
III. Quasi-judicial function of hearing of appeals
(A) I only
(B) I and II only
(C) I and III only
(D) I, II and III

19. How many wings or sub-departments of FBR are?
(A) 4
(B) 6
(C) 10
(D) 14

20. Which of the following taxes are under Inland Revenue?
I. Income tax
II. Sales tax
III. Federal excise
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) I and II only
(D) I, II and III

16. (C) Investment
17. (A) Central Board of Revenue
18. (D) I, II and III
19. (C) 10
20. (D) I, II and III. Next: Inland Revenue Test Questions 21–25