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Education Psychology Quizzes from 96 to 100

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96. The study of the physical, social and mental aspects of aging is called
(A) Esthetics
(B) Genetics
(C) Gerontology
(D) Clinical psychology

97. As people gets older, the ability of applying or maintain attention
(A) increases
(B) decreases
(C) stays constant
(D) remains unaffected

98. The brain __________ as people gets older.
(A) shrinks
(B) expands
(C) stays constant
(D) remains unaffected

99. There is __________ in working memory as people gets older.
(A) upgradation
(B) degradation
(C) no change
(D) a slight change

100. According to the philosophy of Idealism in education, the subject matter of curriculum should be
(A) mathematics
(B) science
(C) physical world
(D) mind

96. (C) Gerontology
97. (B) decreases
98. (A) shrinks
99. (B) degradation
100. (D) mind