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Long textual questions and answers.

1. Write a note on the character of Hubert.
Hubert was a simple and honest country man. He was truthful and hardworking. He was an innocent fellow. He was falsely accused of theft. He felt shame and disgrace. He tried hard to convince the people about his innocence but all in vain. Nobody believed him. They called him a liar. They abused him and called him old rascal. At last, he could not bear his insult and died. A great flood proved his innocence. It destroyed the people and their belongings.

2. Write ten lines on the mentality of the people who did not believe Hubert.

  1. They were very selfish people.
  2. They were narrow-minded and cruel.
  3. They had negative and sick mentality.
  4. They had no respect for poor people like Hubert.
  5. They had no moral courage.
  6. They lacked sense of right and wrong.
  7. They were so perverted that even when pocketbook was found, still they tortured Hubert.
  8. They believed in what the powerful people like the Mayor told them.
  9. They were morally corrupt.
  10. They were sadistic people who took delight in torturing others.

3. Why did the Mayor not believe the innocence of Hubert?
The Mayor took the words of Manana as true. He considered Manana to be a man of worthy credence. He himself did not try to find out the reality. He showed a poor judgement. Also, Hubert was a poor and simple man. He could not clarify his point of view satisfactorily. His poverty and simplicity led the Mayor to believe that he was a thief.

4. Was it necessary for Hubert to continue pleading his innocence?
Yes, it was necessary for Hubert to continue pleading his innocence. He did not steal the lost pocketbook. He was called a liar which was very shameful for him. He was deeply hurt and shocked. His self-respect was injured. His character was suspected. Therefore, it was necessary for him to continue pleading his innocence to restore his lost honour and reputation.

5. What suggestions can you give to Hubert to save him from such a humiliating situation?
Hubert should have followed the following suggestions to save himself from such a humiliating situation.

  1. He should have hired the services of a good lawyer for pleading his case properly before a court of law.
  2. He should have reported the matter to the police when the lost pocketbook was found.
  3. He should have brought a defamation case against those who falsely blamed him even when the lost pocketbook was found.
  4. He should have spiritedly fought his case in a court of law when no evidence of theft was found against him.
  5. He should have exposed the hypocrisy of Manana who falsely blamed and suspected him.

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