The Jewel of the World Questions

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by Philip K. Hitti

4. What did Abd-al-Rahman do to make himself strong and to beautify his capital?
Abd-al-Rahman developed a well-disciplined, high trained army of forty thousand or more Berbers. He won their loyality by giving them generous pay. He beautified the cities of his kingdom. He built an aqueduct for the supply of pure water. He built for himself a glorious palace named al-Zahra. He introduced many exotic plants. He also set up the great Mosque of Cordova.

5. Give an account of the all-round progress made by the Arabs under Abd-al-Rahman III.
The Arabs under Abd-al-Rahman III made matchless progress in every field of life. The capital city of Cordova became the most cultured city in Europe. It had seventy libraries, many book shops, paved streets, mosques and palaces. It got international fame. Spain became wealthy and prosperous. It progressed in leather industry, wool and silk fabrics, glassware and brass work, pottery,etc. The Spanish Arabs also promoted agriculture and industry.

6. What did Al-Hakam do to promote learning and scholarship in his kingdom?
Al-Hakam was himself a scholar and patronized learning. He was lover of books. He was generous to scholars. He established twenty-seven free schools in the capital mosque. Students from Spain, Europe, Africa and Asia used to come here to seek knowledge. He also set up a big library with forty thousand books. He invited professors from the East and gave them generous salaries.

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