Sir Alexander Fleming

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by Patrick Pringle

1. What are antiseptics and what is the antiseptic method?
2. What was the chief defect of antiseptic method?
Antiseptics are chemicals. These are used to destroy germs. Antiseptic method means killing of germs through the use of chemicals. The chief defect of this method was that it used to kill germs as well as white cells of the body.

3. What part is played by the white cells in the blood of a human body?
White cells of the body are called natural defence of human body. They protect the body from the germs of diseases.They attack the germs when they enter human body.Fleming stressed the need to support these cells.

4. Give an account of the early life of Fleming.
Fleming was born in 1881.He got his early education in the village school. He went to London to study at the Regent Street Polytechnic at the age of fourteen. He then joined St.Mary’s Hospital to become a doctor.

5. Describe how Fleming discovered penicillin.
Fleming was busy in experiments in his lab. He was growing colonies of germs. By chance, a mould spore dropped on the culture plate .The germs began to disappear. Fleming tested it for its anti bacterial features and discovered penicillin.

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