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1. Which region is the world’s largest single source of petroleum?
(A) Siberia
(B) Red sea
(C) Caspian sea
(D) Persian gulf

1. (D) Persian gulf (See below for regular general knowledge quizzes)

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6. There are 7 continents in the world. The total area of these 7 continents is about
(A) 118 million kilometer square
(B) 128 million kilometer square
(C) 138 million kilometer square
(D) 148 million kilometer square

7. The Panama Canal in Panama is a man-made 77 km waterway that connects
(A) Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean and Arctic
(C) Arctic Ocean and Antarctic Ocean
(D) Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean

8. Islands which measure less than one acre (or less than 4046.86 meter square) are often referred to as
(A) atolls
(B) tributaries
(C) islets
(D) archipelagos

9. The Pico Island is located in
(A) Switzerland
(B) Portugal
(C) Turkey
(D) Egypt

10. Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is popularly known as the
(A) Green Mosque
(B) Blue Mosque
(C) Red Mosque
(D) Yellow Mosque

6. (D) 148 million kilometer square
7. (A) Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean
8. (C) islets
9. (B) Portugal
10. (B) Blue Mosque Next: General Knowledge Quiz 11–15

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