PPSC Current Affairs MCQs Questions with Answers Test


PPSC current affairs MCQs questions with answers for PPSC 2022 tests. World current affairs MCQ multiple choice quiz. These questions are also useful for FPSC CSS NTS SPSC KPPSC and other Tests.

PPSC Current Affairs MCQs

Q. Who is the current foreign minister of China?
(A) Li Keqiang
(B) Qi Yu
(C) Zhang Zhijun
(D) Wang Yi

The answer is: (D) Wang Yi ☑

Q. The current US president Joe Biden has also served as ________ of the United States.
(A) director CIA
(B) speaker
(C) secretary state
(D) vice president

The answer is: (D) vice president ☑

Q. The working capital of the European Union is
(A) Berlin
(B) Brussels
(C) Lisbon
(D) Paris

The answer is: (B) Brussels ☑

Q. The Winter Olympics 2022 games were held in
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) Russia
(D) South Korea

The answer is: (A) China ☑

Q. The South China Sea is an important region of the world. The main reasons for its significance are fishing and
(A) oil
(B) oil & gas
(C) trade route
(D) oil & gas and trade route

The answer is: (D) oil & gas and trade route ☑

Q. Who is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand?
(A) Bill English
(B) Isaac Herzog
(C) Jacinda Ardern
(D) John Key

The answer is: (C) Jacinda Ardern ☑

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