Current Affairs Quiz MCQ 2022 Test Questions with Answers

Current Affairs Quiz 2022 Test with Answers. World Latest Current Affairs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers for Test Preparation.

Q. As of September 2022, which countries have successfully landed a robot on the surface of Mars?
(A) China and United States
(B) China and Russia
(C) Russia and United States
(D) China, Russia and United States

The answer is: (A) China and United States ☑

Q. Which country is currently the largest producer of “Palm Oil”?
(A) Turkey
(B) Nigeria
(C) Malaysia
(D) Indonesia

The answer is: (D) Indonesia ☑

Q. Who is considered one of the greatest investors in the world?
(A) Bill Gates
(B) Elon Musk
(C) Warren Buffet
(D) Mark Zuckerberg

The answer is: (C) Warren Buffet ☑

Q. Recently, the Summer Olympics 2021 was hosted in Japan. The Summer Olympics 2024 is scheduled to be hosted in
(A) China
(B) France
(C) United Kingdom
(D) United States

The answer is: (B) France ☑

Q. Which country won the most medals in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 (played in 2021)?
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) United States
(D) Russia

The answer is: (C) United States ☑

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