Louis Pasteur

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English Notes → Louis Pasteur

by Margaret Avery

1. Describe the early life of Pasteur.
Pasteur was born in Jura district of France in 1822. He belonged to a poor family. He was sent to Communal College. He graduated in Science and Arts. In 1848, at the age of twenty six, he became Deputy Professor of Chemistry in the University of Strasburg.

2. Give some instances of Pasteur’s patriotism.
Pasteur was a great patriot and lover of France. He tried to enroll himself in the army when France and Germany were plunged into war. Once he gave 150 francs for his country. He returned the degree of German University because Germany was at war with France.

3. What do we mean by spontaneous generation?
Spontaneous generation means production of living things from non-living things because of bacteria. Pasteur rejected this theory.

4. How did Pasteur prove that spontaneous generation was not a fact?
Pasteur proved that spontaneous generation was not a fact. He proved it through an experiment. He declared that bacteria would not be developed if a substance was sufficiently heated.

5. Describe the importance & popularity of silkworm industry in France. What help did Pasteur render in curing the silkworm disease in his country?
The silkworm industry in France was very popular at that time. It was the only source of living for many farmers of France. Unfortunately, silkworms were hit by a dangerous disease. It destroyed the silkworm industry. Pasteur very successfully discovered its treatment and saved this industry.

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