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Q. Which one of the following is not a determinant of foreign policy:
(A) Economic Interests
(B) Strategic Interests
(C) None of These

The answer is: (C) None of These ☑

Q. Foreign Policy is rarely guided by ___ in a world led by realism:
(A) Ideology
(B) Interests
(C) Warfare

The answer is: (A) Ideology ☑

Q. Aid is considered as a tool of _____.
(A) Foreign Policy
(B) Ethical Help
(C) Humanitarian Efforts

The answer is: (A) Foreign Policy ☑

Q. Afghanistan has long served as a ___ state:
(A) Ideal State
(B) Buffer State
(C) Socialist State

The answer is: (B) Buffer State ☑

Q. USSR was expelled from Afghanistan with the support of:
(B) France
(C) India

The answer is: (A) USA ☑

International Relations MCQs

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