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Q. Charlie Wilson is a name attached with:
(A) Afghan Jihad
(B) 9/11
(C) Korean War

The answer is: (A) Afghan Jihad ☑

Q. Korean War was an episode of the:
(A) World War 1
(B) World War 2
(C) Cold War

The answer is: (C) Cold War ☑

Q. Nixon has served as:
(A) US Secretary of the State
(B) US President
(C) US Diplomat

The answer is: (B) US President ☑

Q. President Kennedy ______ Vietnam War:
(A) Launched
(B) Supported
(C) Opposed

The answer is: (C) Opposed ☑

Q. 9/11 led to the attack of US against:
(A) USSR in Afghanistan
(B) Taliban Regime in Afghanistan

The answer is: (B) Taliban Regime in Afghanistan ☑

International Relations MCQs

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