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Q. Cold War rivals were:
(A) USA and France
(B) USA and UK
(C) USA and USSR

The answer is: (C) USA and USSR ☑

Q. Cold War ended with the:
(A) Collapse of USSR
(B) Fall of the Berlin Wall
(C) Both (A) & (B)

The answer is: (C) Both (A) & (B) ☑

Q. Détente is the term associated with:
(A) Cuban Missile Crisis
(B) Cold War
(C) Bay of Pigs Invasions

The answer is: (B) Cold War ☑

Q. World became ______ after the end of Cold War:
(A) Unipolar
(B) Bipolar
(C) None of These

The answer is: (A) Unipolar ☑

Q. NATO is a security alliance of:
(A) North America and Europe
(B) USA and Russia
(C) Asia and Europe

The answer is: (A) North America and Europe ☑

International Relations MCQs

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