Hitch-Hiking Across the Sahara Questions

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by G.F.Lamb

6. What did the driver of the truck tell Christopher about three Englishmen who had attempted to cross the desert?
The driver of the truck told him a very horrible story of three Englishmen. They tried to cross a part of the desert in a car. They were short of water. They were extremely thirsty. But they could not find water. They were burning with thirst. One of them tried to drink oil of the car. At last, they died of extreme thirst and their bodies were found like dried leaves after three days.

7. Give an account of the little town named El Golea & compare it with In-Salah, bringing out the difference between the two.
The little town named EI Golea is rightly called paradise of the desert. This town is very charming and attractive. It has many plants and fruit trees. There is greenery all around it. Water is readily available. While In-Salah is called hell of the desert. It is largely based on sand. This area is mainly infertile. Water is very rare. Desert is destroying plantations here.

8. What do you know of Professor Claude Blanguernon?
He was a Frenchman. He was really a great and kind man. He had devoted his life to the service & welfare of Tuareg people. He educated them. He also taught them good manners. He wanted to improve their lives. He also wanted to make them a civilized and respectable nation. He was a very co-operative & caring fellow.

9. Describe the events leading to the killing of a camel. What sort of water did they get from its stomach?
Christopher and his companions were short of water. They were very thirsty. Their condition was very bad and painful. There was no source of water. They needed water to keep themselves alive otherwise they could die very soon. At last, they slaughtered a camel. They took water from its stomach and drank it. This water was green & tasteless. It was like thin blood. But it kept them alive.

10. Describe the journey through the Land of Thirst & Death.
The journey through the land of thirst and death was very dangerous. This part of the desert was notorious for sandstorms & dry water holes. Christopher and his companions faced many difficulties while passing through this area. Once they were hit by a dangerous sandstorm. But, fortunately, they remained safe. Once they were short of water. There was no water available nearby. They were half dead with thirst. At last, they found water with great difficulty and saved their lives.

11. Describe the stay at In Abbangarit. How did Christopher manage to get water there?
His stay at In Abbangarit was very painful and fearful. He was friendless and helpless. He was short of water. His condition was very bad. He needed water to keep himself alive. He was thinking of death. At last, he found a well. But the water was very low. He hit upon a plan to bring water. He took a teapot and made a line from the wire of a recording device. He satisfied his thirst and came to life. After some time, Professor Claude Blanguernon came to rescue him.

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