China’s way to Progress Questions

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by Galeazzo Santini

5. Write a note on the Chinese women.
The Chinese women are very hard-working and dedicated. They do not use cosmetics. They equally participate in the progress and development of their country. They have a lot of social benefits. They have to work 8 hours a day. They enjoy free medical care, nursery and infant schools. They are given leave of 56 paid days before child birth. They retire at the age of 50 or 55.

6. What are the social security benefits provided to the Chinese workers?
The Chinese workers enjoy a lot of social security benefits. All medical and hospital treatment is entirely free for every Chinese worker or peasant. A sick worker receives his total pay cheque for the first six months. They retire at the age of 60. Each factory has a cafeteria where the workers can eat three meals a day for 10-12 Yuan a month. Many workers are housed within the factories.

7. “It is the people and not the things that are decisive.” Discuss.
The Chinese people have proved that the people are decisive for the progress and development of their country. It is the geat men of a nation that take their nation towards peaks of glory and success. They work hard and produce wonders for their country. All the progress in the world is a proof of this that people are decisive and not the things.

8. “The heart of the matter is the need to root out selfishness.” Discuss.
Selfishness is the root cause of evils in a society. The Chinese model shows us how to finish this selfishness to bring harmony and peace in the society. The Chinese have proved Thomas Hobbes wrong that man is at war with man. The Chinese are selfless and dedicated. They believe in collective welfare. That is how we can promote equality and justice in a society.

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