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Biology Online Quiz from 71 to 75

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71. Glyoxisomes contain enzymes for
(A) glyoxylate cycle
(B) glycolate cycle
(C) Calvin cycle
(D) none of these

72. Vacuoles serve to
(A) expand the plant cells
(B) sites for storage
(C) both in expansion and storage
(D) non-specific function

73. An isolated virus is not considered living since it
(A) separate into two parts
(B) cannot metabolize
(C) rapidly looses its genome
(D) all of these

74. The predominant phycobilin pigment in cyanobacteria which is of blue colour is
(A) phycoerythrin
(B) phycocyanin
(C) fucocyanin
(D) fucoxanthin

75. Deafness is caused by misuse of
(A) penicillin
(B) tetracycline
(C) paracetamol
(D) streptomycin

71. (A) glyoxylate cycle
72. (C) both in expansion and storage
73. (B) cannot metabolize
74. (B) phycocyanin
75. (D) streptomycin