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Biology Online MCQs from 66 to 70

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66. Irregular grape like cluster of bacilli is called
(A) diplo bacilli
(B) strepto bacilli
(C) staphylo bacilli
(D) none of these

67. It is generally accepted that plants arose from ancestral
(A) green algae
(B) fungi
(C) bacteria
(D) all of these

68. Main energy reserves in the case of green algae are
(A) glycogen
(B) sucrose
(C) glucose
(D) starch

69. The chief component of the cell wall of the majority of fungi is
(A) pectin
(B) chitin
(C) lignin
(D) cellulose

70. After pollination the pollens are transferred to which part of the flower
(A) ovary
(B) style
(C) stigma
(D) none of these

66. (C) staphylo bacilli
67. (A) green algae
68. (D) starch
69. (B) chitin
70. (C) stigma