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Education and Pedagogy → MCQs → Pedagogy Quiz from 11 to 15. Education and Pedagogy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test. Curriculum development, teaching techniques, classroom management, child development and school responsibilities questions (MCQ). Link to Pedagogy Quiz (PDF) is given below. Answers to these featured pedagogy quiz are given after the 2nd pedagogy question.

Pedagogy Quiz

1. What is meant by “Symposium” in the academic world?
(A) Lecture
(B) Museum
(C) Training
(D) Conference

2. According to Mark Smith, the first step in the curriculum development is
(A) diagnosis of needs
(B) formulation of objectives
(C) selection of content
(D) selection of learning experiences

1. (D) Conference
2. (A) diagnosis of needs. See below for regular pedagogy questions.

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11. Teachers should present information to the students clearly and in interesting way, and relate this new information to the things students
(A) don’t know
(B) already know
(C) willing to know
(D) not willing to know

12. According to John Dewey, school is a ________ institution, and education is a ________ process.
(A) social, social
(B) social, philosophical
(C) philosophical, philosophical
(D) environmental, psychological

13. According to John Dewey, schools must prepare students for
(A) present life
(B) future life
(C) entrepreneurship
(D) research

14. Responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular situation become ________ to occur again in that situation.
(A) not likely
(B) equally likely
(C) less likely
(D) more likely

15. Responses that produce a discomforting effect become ________ to occur again in that situation.
(A) not likely
(B) equally likely
(C) less likely
(D) more likely

11. (B) already know
12. (A) social, social
13. (A) present life
14. (D) more likely
15. (C) less likely Next: Pedagogy Quiz 16–20

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