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Q. Heat is the transfer of energy from one object to another object because of difference in
(A) volume
(B) temperature
(C) pressure
(D) power

The answer is: (B) temperature ☑

Q. An object has mass of 50 kg. What will be its weight at a location where force of gravity is 6 m/s2?
(A) 100 N
(B) 200 N
(C) 300 N
(D) 400 N

The answer is: (C) 300 N ☑

Q. What is kinetic energy of a particle of mass 2 kg moving with a speed of 20 m/s?
(A) 340 joule
(B) 360 joule
(C) 380 joule
(D) 400 joule

The answer is: (D) 400 joule ☑

Q. A collision in which total kinetic energy is NOT the same before and after the collision is known as
(A) elastic collision
(B) inelastic collision
(C) friction
(D) resistance

The answer is: (B) inelastic collision ☑

Q. The SI unit of pressure is
(A) pascal
(B) kelvin
(C) weber
(D) hertz

The answer is: (A) pascal ☑

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