O Where are You Going Poem Summary

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In this poem, the poet pays tributes to human spirit and courage. This poem is a dialogue between two imaginary persons. The first person is a reader who is a symbol of cowardice while the other person is a rider who is a symbol of bravery and courage. The bold rider wants to go out to conquer the world through his will-power and determination. But, the reader, who is a timid fellow, stops him from going out by saying that his way would be full of ups and downs. There would be diseases, calamities and other difficulties. He would be helpless and friendless. He may fall ill during his journey. But, the bold rider does not get discouraged and terrified. He says to him that all the difficulties and hindrances of the world are looking for him. It is rightly said that a coward dies many times before his death. The bold rider then ventures out to get success and glory. The poem teaches us the moral lesson that the way to glory and success may be uncertain but it can be paved through courage and perseverance.

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