My Financial Career

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by Stephen Leacock

1. What light do the following expressions throw on Leacock’s state of mind when he entered the bank: ‘looked timidly round’, ‘shambled in’?
These expressions show that he was quite nervous and upset when he entered the bank. He was very much afraid of the bank and its clerks. He was acting like a fool. He could not show confidence. He was mentally confused. His condition was quite miserable.

2. Why did the manager come to think that Leacock had an awful secret to reveal?
Leacock was mentally confused. He was acting like a fool. His movements were quite mysterious. He wished to see the manager alone. The manager guessed that he had some great secret to reveal in private.

3. What was the attitude of the manager towards Leacock on learning that he only wished to deposit 56 dollars in the bank?
The manager was feeling quite uneasy. But, when the writer told him that he only wished to deposit only 56 dollars, his attitude was very unfriendly. He was angry and displeased. He told the writer to leave his room and go to the respective clerk.

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