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FPSC English MCQs Preparation Material (Questions and Answers). Sample English MCQs for FPSC test including questions from past FPSC test papers. These questions are also useful for PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS and other Tests. Link to FPSC English MCQs (PDF) is given below.

FPSC English MCQs PPSC Past Papers Test Questions

Q. In the court, he was ________ guilty of the offence he was charged with.
(A) put
(B) made
(C) found
(D) concluded

The answer is: (C) found ☑

Q. My elder brother has got a sports bike but I ________.
(A) have not
(B) has not
(C) had not
(D) could not

The answer is: (A) have not ☑

Q. It was difficult for John to find Sarah ________ the crowd.
(A) into
(B) among
(C) from
(D) between

The answer is: (B) among ☑

Q. I expect Kamran _____ in the afternoon.
(A) arrive
(B) to arrive
(C) arriving
(D) will arriving

The answer is: (B) to arrive ☑

Q. Aslam is older _____ Kamran, while Farhan is _____ oldest.
(A) than, an
(B) from, the
(C) then, the
(D) than, the

The answer is: (D) than, the ☑

Q. _____ for an open-air concert this evening?
(A) Would you went
(B) Would you going
(C) Would you like going
(D) Would you like to go

The answer is: (D) Would you like to go ☑

Q. The bank branch is open ________ eight to seven.
(A) by
(B) from
(C) between
(D) during

The answer is: (B) from ☑

Q. She is looking for accommodation _____ in flat or shared house.
(A) both
(B) until
(C) neither
(D) either

The answer is: (D) either ☑

Q. The new information on dengue virus caused panic in the public and government _____.
(A) like
(B) likely
(C) alike
(D) dislike

The answer is: (C) alike ☑

Q. How long had you __________ when the bus arrived?
(A) been waiting
(B) were waiting
(C) have been waiting
(D) waited

The answer is: (A) been waiting ☑

Q. The population of the world _________ very fast.
(A) rises
(B) is rising
(C) has rising
(D) has been rising

The answer is: (B) is rising ☑

Q. I __________ in this hotel until I can find an apartment.
(A) am living
(B) have living
(C) has been living
(D) have been living

The answer is: (A) am living ☑

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Part-I of the FPSC Test for BS 16 and 17 jobs consists of 20 multiple choice questions (MCQs) from (1) English Grammar, and (2) English Vocabulary.

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FPSC English MCQs (PDF)
Download English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers in PDF for FPSC tests from this page.