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NTS English Test Preparation Material including NTS English Past Papers Test Questions: English MCQs for NTS Test (Questions and Answers; Multiple Choice Questions). Link to NTS English MCQs PDF is given below. Online Verbal section (English) Sample and Practice Questions for Entry Tests, Scholarships, Jobs, and other tests taken by NTS.

NTS English MCQs Past Papers Test Questions

Q. The number of participants at the party ________ amazing.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) had
(D) have had

The answer is: (A) was ☑

Q. The newly installed mobile application sounds very ___________.
(A) interest
(B) interested
(C) interestingly
(D) interesting

The answer is: (D) interesting ☑

Q. CNG burns less efficiently than gasoline ________.
(A) burn
(B) burns
(C) should burn
(D) would burn

The answer is: (B) burns ☑

Q. I cannot come to see you _______ tomorrow.
(A) by
(B) till
(C) until
(D) unless

The answer is: (C) until ☑

Q. They succeeded by ________ hard.
(A) work
(B) working
(C) continuous work
(D) continuous working

The answer is: (B) working ☑

Q. How often _________ you go to the doctor ?
(A) do
(B) does
(C) did
(D) have

The answer is: (A) do ☑

Q. I can __________ for his honesty and ability to work hard.
(A) bet
(B) promise
(C) vouch
(D) vow

The answer is: (C) vouch ☑

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