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FIA Act 1974 MCQs Questions with Answers for FIA Jobs Test. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) and answers for FIA job test preparation. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Act MCQ for FPSC Test.

NOTE: FPSC Assistant Director (Investigation) Test contains one section of questions from FIA Act, 1974. The test is scheduled on 18 and 19 August 2023.

FIA Act 1974 MCQs

Q. Recently, FIA has recovered a land of worth Rs ________ from encroachers and land grabbers.
(A) 5 billion
(B) 15 billion
(C) 25 billion
(D) 35 billion

The answer is: (C) 25 billion ☑

Q. Who can make rules for carrying out the purposes of the FIA Act, 1974?
(A) Federal Government
(B) Parliament
(C) Specialized Senate Committee

The answer is: (A) Federal Government ☑

Q. Who is indemnified from suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding in exercising power which are in good faith and in accordance to the FIA Act given under the FIA Act, 1974?
(B) All members of FIA under BPS-19 and above
(C) Federal Government
(D) All of the above are indemnified

The answer is: (D) All of the above are indemnified ☑

Q. The power to amend any Schedule of FIA Act, 1974 is vested in the
(A) Federal Government
(B) Senate
(C) Supreme Court
(D) Parliament

The answer is: (A) Federal Government

Q. According to the FIA Act 1974, who is head of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)?
(B) Defence Minister
(C) Interior Minister
(D) President FIA

The answer is: (A) DG FIA

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