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Q. An investment is believed to be risky if
(A) it is dangerous
(B) it has low returns
(C) its returns are uncertain
(D) its raw material is unavailable

The answer is: (C) its returns are uncertain ☑

Q. The World Bank has two goals: to promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way, and to
(A) end extreme poverty
(B) reduce difference between rich and poor
(C) invest on health and education
(D) combat deadliest diseases

The answer is: (A) end extreme poverty ☑

Q. The World Bank provides loans and grants to pursue
(A) balance of payments
(B) capital projects
(C) exports
(D) education and health related projects

The answer is: (B) capital projects ☑

Q. GATT is an abbreviation for
(A) General Agreement on Transport and Trade
(B) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
(C) Generally Accepted Telegraphic Transfer
(D) Generally Accepted on Trade and Telegraph

The answer is: (B) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ☑

Q. The headquarter of World Trade Organization (WTO) is located in
(A) London
(B) New York
(C) Washington
(D) Geneva

The answer is: (D) Geneva ☑

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