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Q. The IMF was established in ________ at the Bretton Woods Conference in the United States.
(A) 1944
(B) 1945
(C) 1946
(D) 1947

The answer is: (A) 1944 ☑

Q. The IMF’s primary mission is to ensure the stability of the international
(A) money exchange system
(B) money exchange rate
(C) monetary policy
(D) monetary system

The answer is: (D) monetary system ☑

Q. International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides loans to member countries that are experiencing problems with
(A) excessive loans
(B) balance of payments
(C) poverty
(D) infrastructure development

The answer is: (B) balance of payments ☑

Q. The return that is forgone by investing in a project instead of investing in a financial market at the same level of risk is known as
(A) capital saving
(B) opportunity cost
(C) opportunity saving
(D) internal rate of return

The answer is: (B) opportunity cost ☑

Q. Which from the following derivative is not traded on exchanges?
(A) Forward
(B) Future
(C) Bond
(D) Option

The answer is: (A) Forward ☑

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