Windows Operating System

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(a) Write a short note on the rules for file and folders names.
(b) Describe briefly windows desktop screen.
(c) Explain how Recycle Bin is used.
(d) What is meant by file compression and how it is useful?

(a) Rules For Files & Folder Names

  • A file or folder name may contain maximum 255 characters including spaces and periods.
  • The characters “\”, “?”, “<“, “>”, “/” cannot be used in a file or folder name. For example “School name” is a valid name for file or folder in Windows.
  • A file or folder name should be related to the information that is stored in it.

(b) The on-screen work area in which application windows, icon, menus and dialog boxes appear is called Desktop. It is the entering point in windows. It contains the icons of different applications and resources of computer. These icons allow the user to interact with the computer to perform different operations. For example My Computer, My Documents and Recycle Bin etc.

(c) Use of Recycle Bin in Computer System
On the computer, the recycle bin is used when you delete files and icons, you can retrieve them by double clicking the recycle bin. It is helpful when you accidentally erase/delete important files and papers on your computer. Then you can restore these files and papers by clicking the restore option in recycle bin.

(d) File Compression
File compression is a process of “packaging” a file (or files) to use less disk space. File compression is commonly used when sending a file from one computer to another over a connection that has limited bandwidth. The compression basically makes the file smaller and, therefore, the sending of the file is faster. So, when compressing a file and sending it to another computer that computer has to have a program that will decompress the file so it can be returned to “normal” and used.