War and Self Defence

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War, Self Defense and Intervention under UN Charter
History has witnessed the intervention of one state in the affairs of another. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons that world faced two bloody wars. League of Nations and then United Nations emerged to check this sort of risky adventures which were often commenced on the basis of unreasonable intervention.


Oxford English Dictionary states; ‘to intervene is to come in between something to alter or save that thing.’

Oppenheim defined; “Intervention is dictatorial interference by a state in the affairs of another state for the purpose of maintaining or altering the actual condition of things.”

Quincy Wright goes further; “Intervention is interference in affairs of other state. It might be diplomatic as well as military.”

The rough pages of history reveal upon us that intervention had been the greatest joy of kings. They used to intervene in the kingdoms of other rulers in order to expand their dominion of rule. Plundering the other state was common yet wars were regulated.

After the emergence of Westphalia’s Model; the states originated with their exclusive sovereignties. Thus, intervention was minimized to a larger extent but it never was eliminated.