The First

The first in the history / world

The FirstNeil Armstrong was the first person who walked on the Moon.

The first Secretary General of United Nations (UN) was Trygue Lie.

The First in the World

Secretary General UNTrygue Lie
Space StationSalyut 1
Artificial SatelliteSputnik 1
Moon WalkerLunokhod 1
Summer Olympics1896 in Greece
Winter Olympics1924 in France

The First person who:

Entered into SpaceYuri Gagarin
Walked on the MoonNeil Armstrong
Performed SpacewalkAlexey Leonov
European reached in IndiaVasco da Gama

The First Spacecraft to land on the:

MoonLuna 9
VenusVenera 7
MarsMars 3

The Largest
The Smallest