State’s Territorial Sovereignty

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State’s Territorial Sovereignty
The concept of ‘State Territory’ in International Law is something that speaks as evidence that people of different thoughts have secured their particular shares on this planet. Whether it is land, air or water; states have managed to define their territories in which their subjects reside under the state’s sovereignty.

Under the shadow of International Law, the statute specifically dealing with the ‘State Territory’ include; ‘UN Convention on Law of Sea’ & ‘Hague Convention on Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone – 1958’.

When we consider the term ‘State Territory’ it does not mere mean the particular patch of land being under the control of a state but it also brings into consideration the air above that land and the water adjacent to that land.

So, we can say that, ‘State Territory’ is name of three things;

  • Land Mass
  • National Waters
  • Air Space

National Waters
Contiguous Zone
Exclusive Economic Zone
Continental Shelf
Internal Waters
Innocent Passage
Air Space
Outer Space
Satellites in Outer Space