State Recognition

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State and Government Recognition
The ancient phenomena of territorial changes is witnessed by the international community that how the new states are born out of the existing states or how the old states disappear by merging into other or splitting into many new entities. This all might be the result of evolution or revolution; but whatever, world cannot remain indifferent to these alterations. It has to reciprocate to these changes and such response is ‘Recognition’. Both in recognizing state and government; political considerations play a vital role.

A state unlike government is either recognized or not; it does not possess the de facto and de jure statuses in this regard. Recognition is the precondition for establishing diplomatic relations. It may be unilateral i.e. when one state accepts another and it can be collective as well in a way if UN or EU collectively recognizes a new state.

  • Theories for state recognition
  • Doctrines for state recognition of government
  • Modes of recognition of government
  • Manners of recognition